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'Pottery Barn' Quilt
We call this a "Pottery Barn" because all their catalogs have a quilt with this pattern in it. They are always different prints, but always about 3" squares. The fabric came from up north when Linda Beck was traveling and got it for us to make this quilt.

Friendship Knot ... Again
This is another Friendship Knot, just a different color. I tend to do that alot -- make the same quilt, just different colors. This is one of my very favorites of all time.

Double Irish Chain
This quilt was made from a group of reds that Riley (my brother) gave me for Christmas. I used off-white muslin to give it an antique look.

Christmas Log Cabin
This is one of the quilts that Linda and I made while I was in Athens. We made the same 2 quilts for her, her mother and myself. This is the only fall-back-on pattern that we use when we want to make a quilt, but don't really feel creative enough to do something new.

Our Rainbow Log Cabin
This is the second of the 2 quilts each we made while I was in Athens. We found this material at Walmart a couple of years ago and just loved it.

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