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Flannel Log Cabin
This is my only flannel quilt so far. This was made in our old standard "Log Cabin" pattern. This is the pattern my quilt group makes over and over again. We tend to make this one when we want to make a quilt, but we are not in a creative mood to do something time-consuming or complicated. It is machine quilted.

Elvis Quilt
This is a quilt I made for my Aunt Jimmie. She was a huge Elvis fan. I found this material at Walmart and made this for her for Christmas in 1994.

Card Trick
This quilt was made for Dad. He never gambled in his life but I wanted to stay away from flowers, etc., so I went with a guy theme. It is called Card Tricks.

Colonial Comfort
This quilt was a little tough to quilt, mainly because I decided to double the batting to make it thick and warm. It is the warmest quilt I have, but a little too warm for South Texas.

Bricks and Blocks
This is my first quilt in 2 years. Simple to make. I made it with my favorite 30's reproduction fabrics. I am always happy with the results when I use these.

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